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Washing bras by hand

Likely you are or have been, tempted to use the washing machine once in a while (I did). Instead of what lingerie experts will advise us on this.

  • Should you wash bras by hand?
  • How often do you need to wash your bra?
  • What is the best way to wash a bra?

Should you wash bras by hand?

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The cleaner the fibers of your bra the stronger the bra will be

Washing your bra regularly will give the elastic fibers a boost. The elastane needs to be cleaned to regain its full strength.

  • all things from your skin will affect the elastic fibers and it will cause the bra to be less elastic in time
  • washing your lingerie will keep the fibers clean and the fabric will reshape itself

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How often do you need to wash your bras?

Wash your bra whenever you feel it is necessary, like:

  • after a hot day in the sun and you’ve been sweating
  • after a busy day at work and you’ve been sweating
  • you wore your bra 3 times this week even without much sweating, the oil and dirt of your skin will affect its fibers

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A bra that is washed regularly by hand is a stronger bra because the fibers can regain its strength. Washing it the right way will make you enjoy your bra longer.

What is the best way to wash a bra?

washing bras by hand
A hand wash is the best your bra can get
  • never use hot water, keep it as cold as possible
  • add an alcohol-free hand washing detergent
  • gently massage the bras with your fingers
  • rinse the bra in cold water, it gives the elastic fabric a bit of shake
  • flat dry your bra on a towel
  • after losing most of the water you can hang the bra to dry
  • dry your bra never close to a heater

Ever heard of giving your bra a day off?

The warmth of your body has a direct effect on the elastic fibers. By not wearing the bra the next day it will get a rest. This rest is necessary for the elastic fibers to regain its elastic function.

It could be your bras are just too old and need to be replaced. Maybe you still need the same bra size but have to get rid of the ones that are worn out.

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For many women, their bra size may change several times. There are many causes for our breasts to change. When our body changes it will most likely have its effect on your underbust and bust size.

Be aware that only a small difference in measurements could mean you would fit another bra size than before. Read our quick guide on all topics on measuring your bra size »

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Researches say 60 to 80 percent of women do NOT wear their right bra size

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