women adjusting her bra

Bra band size too small

You probably know the feeling of a bra band feeling too tight. However, most support from a bra comes from its band. So a firm band is what you should look for, but surely not too tight. JOJOANS Floral Lace Halter Bralette Unpadded Mesh Lined V-Neck Everyday Bra Top for Women See details at Amazon.co.uk …

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woman in a lingerie store bra in her hand

A cup vs B cup

What’s the difference between an A cup and B cup? How much do these bra cup sizes really differ? Triumph Women’s Everyday Bra | AA-B cups See collection at Amazon.co.uk Is B cup bigger than A cup? You cannot just compare cup sizes, saying cup B is bigger than A cup. Why? A cup vs …

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bras hanging dry

Washing bras by hand

Bras are delicate treasures really. And they like a good hand wash regularly! Why you should wash bras by hand Washing your bra regularly will give the elastic fibers a boost. The elastane needs to be cleaned to regain its full strength. A bra that is washed regularly by hand is a stronger bra because …

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