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Dance bras for ballet, Zumba and other dances…

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Different dances ask for different bras. Some dances do not require high-impact support while others can’t be done without it. See 10 different dance bras

woman in a colorful zumba dance bra

I might just take up a new dance just because of the bra… | See Amazon

Dance bras

With a little bit of effort, you can take dancing to a whole other level. I mean, wearing the right bra is essential sometimes. Like doing ballet in a bra that is form-fitting and lets you focus on perfecting your dance moves.

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Other dances, like Aerobics or Zumba, can be done in any regular supporting sports bra.

But please do take a look a the Zumba bra. You’ll be amazed and it’s not hard to picture yourself in Zumbawear, making the exercise even more fun.

Ballet bras

Ballet is a graceful and elegant art form that requires a lot of practice and dedication.

One piece of clothing that is essential for ballet dancers is the ballet bra. You would need an all-in-one foundation to complete your dance outfits.

What’s else?

Of course the clear back and adjustable shoulder straps. A good ballet bra ensures a comfortable and very stretchy fit.

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At Marks and Spencer, you'll find advice and tips on styles to suit you | M&S BraFit Guide

1. iMucci Seamless Backless with Adjustable Clear Straps for Ballet

young womean in ballet bra clear straps

iMucci Professional Seamless Backless Ballet Dance Bray | See Amazon

  • Highly versatile convertible bra.
  • Soft and skin-friendly.
  • The top does not show through, does not move, and keeps the breasts in place.
  • 1 bra + 1 pair of nude shoulder straps + 1 piece nude back strap + 1 pair of clear shoulder straps + 1 piece clear back strap

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2. Silky Dance Seamless Clear Back Bra

silky dance seamless ballet bra

Silky Dance Seamless Clear Back Bra | See Amazon

  • Comfortable and ultra-soft nude bra.
  • Double layered for support.
  • Clear back strap in two lengths provided
  • 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane

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3. Capezio Transition Strap Seamless Sheer Backless Bra

woman wearing seamless sheer ballet backless bra

Capezio Women’s Transition Strap Seamless Sheer Backless Bra | See Amazon

  • Dance Dry wicking performance.
  • The Clear back strap is detachable.
  • Double-layered for support.
  • Anatomical contouring adds shape.
  • Minimal seams, darts, and elastic applications.

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4. Litthing Vest Style Athletic Wireless Wrap Crop Top

ballet brallette removable pads

Litthing Adjustable Strap Bralettes Vest Style Athletic | See Amazon.co.uk

  • Seamless design.
  • Bra with removable pads.
  • Not only great as a sports bra but also as an everyday bra.

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Bras for Belly Dancing

Of course, a belly dance bra should be aesthetically pleasing. Rhinestone bras guarantee a sparkling party.

5. Royal Smeela Rhinestones Belly Dancing Bra

woman wearing rhinstone bra for belly dancing

ROYAL SMEELA Rhinestones Belly Dancing Bra | See Amazon

  • Handmade bra.
  • Glitter, gorgeous beads, and rhinestones as decoration
  • The halter bra is attached to the belt, and tassels surround it, making you more sexy and dazzling when dancing.
  • Perfect for belly dance, Latin dance, festivals, and carnival shows.

See belly dancing bras on Amazon

Pole dancing sports bra

A high-neck sporty style combined with racerback will show off your figure in style. The firm bra stays put and is needed for pole dancing sports.

6. High Neck Longline Racerback Padded top

woman in longline racerback tank top suitable for pole dancing

Womens High Neck Longline Sports Bra Racerback Padded | See Amazon

  • Medium Support Sports Bra Cross Racerback Tank Top
  • Built for Medium to High Impact Support.
  • Criss Cross design provides extra back support.
  • Padded

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Bras for Zumba

I did Zumba a few years ago and I know now what I’ve been missing out on. Zumbawear!

For dancing and jumping up and down you need a moving sports bra. Go for colors and bright all-over prints to make a stylish statement.

You need a high-impact style to reduce the bouncing of breast tissue and sagging.

7. Zumba Dance V Neck Compression Bra High Impact Bra

woman in zumba sports bra high impact

Zumba Dance V Neck Style Women Compression Bra Fitness | See Amazon

  • Made from breathable quick-drying fabric with great sweat absorption.
  • Smooth and flatlock seams to minimize body chafing.
  • 85% Polyester, 15% Elastane.
  • V Neck Style.

See Zumba bras on Amazon

8. Zumba Cross Back Sports Bra High Impact

  • sturdy crisscross strap for extra back support

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