The average bra size in the UK | 30D seems to be the average…

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Every UK woman and girl is different. Sure we are. Women’s breasts have unique shapes and sizes. No wonder there are over 100 different bra sizes.

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The average cup size in the UK

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, it’s what nature is all about.

Maybe you are happy with your breasts, maybe reasonably happy, or maybe not so at all…

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Better LOVE them and dress them to the best!

woman in average uk bra size 36d

The average bra size of women in the UK is 36D. Something like that. Research has been done on this.

You can calculate an average, but that’s that. Comes in handy for lingerie manufacturers who want figures for their business.

Why do we want to know the average size?

woman wearing beautiful lingerie romantic style
Small is beautiful (and big is too)

In our country and culture, it is very normal to compare our body proportions with that of others. And, also because of media, we unconsciously are conditioned.

It can give stress and feelings of unworthiness if you think less of yourself because of the proportions you have.

I say it once more. Stop comparing so much.

Better LOVE them and dress them to the best!

different women together showing different breast from the book by laura dodsworth
That’s how beautifully different we are!

Laura Dodsworth’s book Bare Reality: 100 Women, Their Breasts, Their Stories | See Amazon


  • cup D may belong to a grown-up woman but also to a girl turning 16
  • cup AA may be the bra size of a young girl, but can also be the bra size of a grown-up woman
  • sometimes breasts grow bigger, and sometimes they do not

I developed a bra calculator for sizes AAA up to cup O.

It is my mission to invite as many women as possible to get their sizes right. And become a real bra lover!

  • the calculator invites you to check your size regularly if needed
  • to play around a bit with the measurements
  • you’ll realize bra sizes can be very close

How do we feel about our breasts?

The photographer Laura Dodworth published a book in 2014. It is about the stories of a hundred women on how they feel about their breasts.

The women vary in age from 19 to 101 and tell with courage and humor stories about their breasts and lives. Breast size varies from AAA to K cup. Their interests and lives differ from a Buddhist non and a belly dancer. See the book on

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See my bra calculator or visit

Bras and Size charts
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