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Bra size change | Why your bra size may change more than once…

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Some of us may keep the same bra size all our lives. A majority of women do need a bra size change once in a while.

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Causes our bra size changes 

We can all think of reasons why our body, and therefore our breasts, can change.

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Reasons we need a new bra size:

  • the weight we gain
  • the weight we lose
  • hormonal changes
  • our breasts are still developing Teen Sizing
  • medication
  • pregnancy
  • nursing a child
  • surgery to one or two breasts

The aging of your body and breasts is also a reason your sizes will change.

And the older we get, the more we are likely to look for more comfort in our bras.

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My bra isn’t the right one anymore

woman holding bra that is not right anymore
Only a slight change in size may change your bra size

I experience that a lot of women never really take the time to have a proper look at their bra.

Or maybe we do notice that uncomfortable bra, but do not take further action on that (happened to me).

That’s a shame.

Well. It’s not that hard to go along with a bra that no longer supports you. Or never has supported you in the first place.

It’s only human to go along with something that isn’t right for you, like a bad-fitted bra.

How often does my bra size change?

woman looking down related to a post about bra size change
Our body is unique, and so is our bra size

Do realize that your bra needs to be replaced by a new one at some point. A bra that is worn out has lost too much of its elastic fiber.

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As there are many causes that may change the size and shape of our breasts you might need a different bra size more than once in your life.

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  • a clean bra is a strong bra
  • wash regularly to keep the fibers clean
  • rotate your bras, and give them days of rest to regain their shape
  • wash them the right way | read more about washing your bras

How to choose my new bra?

Take some time to think about your bra. And look at it with all honesty. 

woman looking at bra and seeing bra size change
How does your bra feel and look?
  • does my bra feel comfortable during the day?
  • does my bra support my breasts in a firm but comfortable way?
  • how does my bra look in the mirror, take some time to have a look at yourself
  • does my bra help me make my clothes look good?

Only 10 minutes of your time can be enough. Enough anyway to take the first step. And it’s not difficult to take your measurements at home.

Remember that a slight change in measurements could mean you should try a different bra size.

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Also, be aware that brands and bra styles have different fits sometimes. So you might have to try your bra-sister size.

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Bras and Size charts
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