Teen bras & how to find the cup size you need?

Teen bras are different from bra tops because teen bras have actual cups in their design. The cups might be padded and may also have a wire in them. Teenage bras start from cup AA and will go to B, C, or D cups.

Let see some wireless and wired bras of two lovely brands Boobs & Bloomers and Royce Lingerie.

But first, let’s get into the bra sizing a bit.

Only a well-fitted bra will feel and look good.

hart shaped bra measuring tape
Knowing your sizes is the first step.

How to measure the bra size for a teenager?

Whatever age you are, getting your right bra size is the first step before trying and buying a bra.

It’s important to measure regularly. Your body size and therefore your breasts may change in size during life. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Teenage bras start from cup AA.

Some teenagers start with an AA cup, some might need a B or a C cup. Your breasts may grow but they may stay small. This is normal. Grown-up women might still need an AA cup or smaller. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. This is nature. And we’re all beautiful.

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How to measure your bra size?

You need a measuring tape to determine your underbust and your bust size. That’s it.

Measure your underbust
Measure your bust

It’s not difficult to do it yourself. Of course, you can ask someone to help you or get a bra fitting in a lingerie store. But why not do it yourself?

  • learn about your own bra sizes
  • find your best bra size
  • maybe you’re in between two possible sizes
  • you might fit two different sizes, try both

You can look up your bra size in this bra size chart. But you can also use the handy bra size calculator to find your best bra size.

small bra size chart
bra size chart AA-B cups

Boobs & Bloomers

The first brand I want to highlight here is Boobs & Bloomers from the Netherlands. They are specialized in underwear for girls only. Size range AA – C cups

Boobs & Bloomers Girl’s Basic Padded Anny Full Cup Bra (Amazon)

Girl’s Lot Dot Print Black Non-Wired Padded Bra (Amazon)

Girl’s Soof Fantasy Print Dark Blue Non-Wired Padded Bra (Amazon)

See collection Boobs & Bloomers (Amazon)

Royce Lingerie teen bras

A well know brand from the UK is Royce Lingerie. They have a very well balanced collection for girls first bras.

royce teenage bras set
My First Bra by Royce (Amazon)

My First Bra is a pure cotton bra, making it feel very soft. A two-pack with one plain white bra and one with a pretty pink trim. Size range 30AA – 36B.

Impact free petite sports bra

Designed specifically for women with a smaller frame. This sports bra offers good support during sports and exercise. It has a racerback design and adjustable back fastening. The foam pads in the cups give a great shape. The pads can be easily removed, leaving a pocket to hold a prosthesis if required. Cups A – D.

See details sports bra at Amazon.co.uk

Super soft molded cups bra

Two-pack bras, molded cups. Size 30A – 36D

See collection Teen Bras Royce (Amazon)