What is considered a small bra size?

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Talking about women’s breasts there is no such thing as a standard. I believe we could fill up a whole new planet with us petite!

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What is considered a small bra size?

Some people call cup size A small, some might even say the same about a B or C cup.

In the media boobs only seem to get bigger. In reality, it may be the case. But. There are lots of women with smaller boobs. Lots. This is what nature is all about ☺️

Cup size A used to be the smallest bra cup size available. Now designers make other small cups as well.

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That’s great because shouldn’t a small bra be as small as boobs get? Yes!

Some designers do care and started their lingerie business, often out of their own needs.

What is the average bra size?

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According to an article in the Telegraph Britain’s average bra size has gone from a 34B to 36DD

Britain’s getting bustier. The average UK bra size is now a 36DD (compared with 34B 11 years ago) and 53% of cupped bra sales at Selfridges are now 34DD or larger.

It can give stress and feelings of unworthiness if you think less of yourself because of the proportions you have. Read more about the average UK bra size

Why an average is just an average?

If I was a lingerie manufacturer I sure would want to know about the most common bra sizes.

But are the researches done right?

Personally, I think not.

  • researchers never mention cup AAA and most miss cup AA as well
  • a lot of petite never enter a lingerie store feeling they don’t belong there
  • which indeed we do not, because our cup size isn’t being sold
  • I know many petite women still wear a too-big cup AA, A, or cup B

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Bras and Size charts
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