What is considered a small bra size?

As it comes to women’s breasts there is no such thing as a standard. I believe we could fill up a whole new planet with us petite.

  • What is considered a small bra size?
  • What is the average bra size?
  • What is the smallest bra size?

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What is considered a small bra size?

Some people call cup size A small, some might even say the same about a B or C cup.

Cup size A used to be the smallest bra cup size available. Now designers make other small cup-sized bras as well.

In the media boobs only seem to get bigger. In reality, it may be the case. But. There are lots of women with smaller boobs. Lots. This is what nature is all about. No woman is the same. Women’s breasts come in all shapes and sizes. None of our boobs are the same.

Shouldn’t a small bra be as small as boobs get? Yes! Some designers do care and started their lingerie business, often out of their own needs.

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What is the average bra size?

5 women standing together in theire bras that have different body proportions
There is no such thing as a standard

According to an article in the Telegraph Britain’s average bra size has gone from a 34B to 36DD

Britain’s getting bustier. The average UK bra size is now a 36DD (compared with 34B 11 years ago) and 53% of cupped bra sales at Selfridges are now a 34DD or larger.

 Caroline Leaper, acting senior fashion editor the Telegraph 12 February 2019

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Why I don’t believe these figures entirely?

  • The researches never talk about all small sizes, like AAA and AA (so it’s not interesting for their findings)
  • A lot of petite never enter a lingerie store because they don’t sell their cup size. How will these women ever be part of research?
  • I’ve learned that many petite women stick to their cup A or cup B, despite the fact that it may or never may have been their best bra size. Read more about the real difference between cup A and cup B »

What is the smallest bra size?

Dainty Lady is designing lingerie for the petite bust & figure. Their collection is designed and individually handmade by a highly skilled team in Derbyshire in the heart of England. Their smallest cup size is now AAAA. Which is very good news!

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Researches say 60 to 80 percent of women do NOT wear their right bra size

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