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Bras for small sizes | the 3 smallest cup sizes

There is no such thing as breasts being too small. There’s a bra for every woman.

woman holding bras in her left hand why do we wear bad-fitted bras
Every woman deserves a well-fitted bra

Why many petite women wear the wrong bra size?

Wearing the wrong size bra is quite common. Researches do tell us that 60 to 80 percent of women do not wear the right bra size. Personally, I know what it is to be wearing the wrong bra for years.

These days I can call myself a bra lover, only after I learned about my measurement and checking them in a small bra size chart (AAA-B cups).

If you’re small breasted you could need an AAAA, AAA, AA, A or B cup. The difference between these sizes is not that big. For example, the bras 36A and 34B have the same cup volume. Read more about A cup vs B cup | what’s the difference?

I meet a lot of women with small breasts who wear an A, B, or C cup bra that’s just not right for them.

Some might need a smaller cup and some might need a bigger cup (and a change of band size). It’s only human to stick to something that isn’t good for you, like a bad-fitted bra.

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How to measure & check your sizes

I always advise women to write down their measurements. Even if they have a bra fitting. It doesn’t matter, because knowing your sizes will give you control when shopping for a bra.

See more measuring tapes at Amazon.co.uk »

  • you too might fit 2 different bra sizes (measurements can be that close together)
  • you’ll learn what sizes to try
  • you’ll realize going up or down a band size will change your cup volume as well
woman in a small cup black lace bra
Small is beautiful and we love it with a matching bra

The 3 smallest bra cup sizes

AAAA cup bras

Dainty Lady is an exclusive British online lingerie store. Their collection of small bras has cup sizes AAAA, AAA, AA, A and B. Bust sizes 28-46. Matching lingerie in sizes 6 to 18.

AAA cup bras

lulalu.com »
The only American store with AAA cups.
Lula Lu makes intimate apparel for women who wear AAA, AA, and A cups, with band sizes ranging from 30-38.

littlewomen.com »
Their bras are designed for women in 28 to 40 AA, A and B cups. The collection has an exclusive range of AAA bras, sized 32 to 40.

knowknockers.co.uk »
aaa – b cups

AA cups

Marks & Spencer has bras in AA-K cups. You’ll find 28-40 band sizes in cup AA. See M&S for the collection AA-K »

On Amazon.co.uk you find a nice collection of AA cups, with brands like Dobreva, Triumph, Anita, After Eden, Esprit, Skiny, and many more.

Delimira Women’s Underwire Padded Lace Convertible Multiway Bridal Strapless Bra AA-DD cups see details at Amazon.co.uk

Britain’s average bra size is said to be 36DD. I know we petite can fill up a whole new planet. Even though the media may let us think otherwise when they focus many times on bigger boobs.

I do think some researches on bra sizes are not complete »

Researches say 60 to 80 percent of women do NOT wear their right bra size

Use a bra size chart or try the bra calculator Marks & Spencer |
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