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75 C

An average of 60 to 80% of women does not wear their right bra size. Measuring your bra size regularly is no luxury. A well-fitted bra is!

14 styles plus size bras

Plus Size Guide on 14 styles D+ bras

  1. corset bra
  2. adhesive bra
  3. balconette bra
  4. strapless bra
  5. bralette bra
  6. demi bra
  7. minimizer bra
  8. plunge bra
  9. push-up bra
  10. shelf bra
  11. wireless
  12. sports bra
  13. t-shirt bra
  14. underwire bra

1. the plus size corset bra

Corsets for women date back to the sixteenth century. The time in which real knights still stole a woman’s heart.

Maybe I’m romanticizing it…

In the 1980s the corset had a comeback when Madonna wore corsets performing on stage. These were designed by Gaultier, the French fashion designer.

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2. the plus size adhesive bra

In most stores you’ll find adhesive bras plus size going up to D, maybe DD cup size.

But what if you’re larger than a D cup? And why should you buy one? What are the benefits of an adhesive bra? Find out more on Amazon and the very helpful reviews of other buyers.

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3. the plus size balconette bra

The balconette bra exposes your breasts a bit more. It is a pretty sexy bra. Many women love this style so much that they tend to wear this style as their basic bra.

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4. the plus size strapless bra

Have you ever tried a strapless bra plus size? If you are a full figure and large busted woman, there really is NO need not to wear a strapless bra. There are some lovely brands designing full-busted strapless bras.

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5. the plus size bralette

Keep in mind that designers also make them for women with large cup sizes.

If you’ve never tried a bralette before because of your larger boobs,  I’m sure you will be tempted to try one. Many models have lined cups for additional support. And this lace allover! Yes, it is very sexy.

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6. the plus size demi bra

A demi bra will give a more natural push-up, just by showing more of your breasts. Most demi cup bras have unlined or foam-lined cups. Many women wear a demi bra as their basic daily bra.

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7. the plus size minimizer bra

The design of a minimizer bra compresses your breast tissue. And the molded cups will give a nice rounded silhouette to your breasts. And this rounded shape is a good thing underneath many of our clothes!

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8. the plus size plunge bra

The design of plunge bra is made with wearing low cut tops or dresses in mind. This bra will expose more of your breasts and enhances cleavage.

Deep plunge bras are a must under a deep-v dress or very low-cut shirts and tops

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9. the plus size push-up bra

If you are looking for a nice silhouette that enhances the dress or top you’re wearing, you should try a push-up bra.

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10. the plus size shelf bra

There is almost nothing I find so very and very sexy as a shelf bra.

I wouldn’t call this my every day basic. No. But this is a special bra. A sexy bra. For the occasion. For the more sexy moments in life, maybe shared with someone else…

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11. the plus size wireless bra

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12. the plus size sports bra

Small or bigger breasts, they all need support during workouts and sports. If you are a big busted woman you are surely looking for a well-designed bra.

The brand Glamorise has been focused on creating the best fitting plus size bras for full-figured women. The band size of their sports bras goes up to 50 and their biggest cup size up to I cup.

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13. the plus size t-shirt bra

Plus size t-shirts bras do what they are designed for. To appear invisible underneath your clothing.

It may well be your favorite bra at this moment.

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14. the plus size underwire bra

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Researches say 60 to 80 percent of women do NOT wear their right bra size

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