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Low Back Bra | 5 Bras to Wear Under Open Back Dresses

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The low-back bra is the solution for wearing anything backless. Whether it is a gala dress, a wedding dress, or any other fancy dress. See 5 low-back bras

woman wearing a low back bra

Low Back Lifting Deep U-Shaped Plunge Backless Bra | See Amazon

5 Bra Styles for Open Back Dresses

Style 1. Multiway Push-Up Bra with Low Back Converter

woman wearing a bra with low back converter

Multiway Push-Up Bra A-D with Low Back Converter | Marksandspencer.com
Bra cup A – DD | band size 30 – 38

The straps of this multiway bra can be worn with practically any outfit. It’s just perfect for low cleavage, off-the-shoulder and low-back clothes.

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Simply attach the hook and eye of the bra to the converter and then bring the strap around your waist to make the back lower.

woman wearing a multiway bra in four different ways

A multiway low-back bra comes with 3 different straps:

  • regular straps
  • a convertible extender
  • set of detachable adjustable clear shoulder straps
woman wearing a multiway low back bra

Plunge Bra Low Cut Deep V Multiway Backless Low Back Extender | See Amazon.co.uk

Style 2. Low back Wirefree Bralette Top

woman wearing a wirefree low back bralette

Seamless Bralette Backless Bra Low Back Bra Wirefree Padded | See Amazon.co.uk

Now, this longline-styled bra top I just recently discovered. And I love it for many reasons.

This style gives me a summer feel because of its low back. But still, I’m wearing a bra!

Great for the days I work or walk around the house, or even sleep in. Kind of loungewear really.

But then some styles do have (removable) pads, so they can be great for outdoors as well.

As I find bra back bands more irritating than I used to, I look for alternatives. This one, I do love it.

woman in a white low back bralette top
woman in a skin coloured bralette top with low back

Free People women’s low-back bralette | See Amazon.co.uk

Style 3. Low Back Deep V Plunge Convertible Bra

woman in a deep v plunge backless bra

Low Back Deep V Plunge Multiway Backless Bra | See Amazon.co.uk

The low back combines a deep V plunge here. Suitable for a dress that is both backless and frontless.

Style 4. Low Back Deep U-Shaped Plunge Bra

woman wearing a black u plunge backless bra

DotVol Women’s Deep Plunge Bra Convertible Push up Low Cut Seamless U Bra | See Amazon.co.uk

As I age, I notice having more issues with looking good in my dresses.

Feeling good is what we all want, not being busy with how we might look!

A bit of shapewear does the trick for me but does not work without a good bra as well.

This U bra does make a difference for me. It makes my bust look fuller. In some of my dresses, I do need this little gift of confidence.

Style 5. Adjustable Low Back Bra Converter Straps

woman wearing low back bra converter straps attached to her own bra

Closecret Women’s Adjustable Low Back Bra Converter Straps 2 Hooks | See Amazon.co.uk

You can convert any back closure bra you own into a low-back bra.

It is simple to use and it works perfectly for lower back or backless clothing. The straps are adjustable and comfortable.

Every woman can have that smooth & natural no-show look. Just check my 5 styles en find the one that matches your needs.

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Bras and Size charts
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