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Small UK Bra Size Chart for AAA, AA, A and B cups

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This bra chart is all for women and girls with one of the smaller cups. See AAA-B cup chart

woman in bra marks and spencer suitable for small and teen cups

Bra from collection M&S Cups AA-K and teens | See Marksandspencer.com

How Petites will know their bra size

According to research, 60 to 80 percent of women do not wear the right bra size.

We all know the feeling of a bad-fitted bra. Like a bra band that is too small. Or shoulder straps that keep falling off.

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It is not a nice feeling to touch your bra all day long and it sure doesn’t help your confidence.

Remember that bra sizes can be very close. For example, the bras 70A, 75AA, and 65B all have the same cup volume.


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AAA, AA, A cups | Shop at lulalu.com

So if you’re petite be sure to check the right bra size chart! A chart that includes all small cup sizes.

Small bra size chart AAA -B cup

Most size charts do not have the smallest cup sizes in them. But this one has!

small bra size chart uk cup aaa cup aa
Small bra size chart | AAA-B cups Read more about AAA cup here

Only a small difference in measurements could mean you need a B, A, or AA cup. It’s that close. Because when changing your bra band size so will the cup volume.

How to measure yourself for a bra?

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The good thing is. It only takes about 10 minutes to measure your size at home and find your best bra size.

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Step 1. Measure your underbust and write down the inches or centimeters.

Step 2. Measure your bust size (the fullest part of your breasts) and write down the inches or centimeters

Step 3. Go to the bra size chart and check your bra size.

How to read a bra size chart?

You can use this bra size chart to check if you’re an AAA-B cup-sized lady.

uk small bra size chart cup AAA cup AA and cup B
bra size chart AAA-B cups

First, find the band size that fits your underbust. And secondly, find your matching cup size.

Many women are in between two possible sizes. Which bra size would you choose then?

For example:
– the underbust measurement is 77 cm
– the bust size measurement is 86 cm
– the best bra size would be 34A

But what if you feel your bust measurement could as well be 78 or 79? You might wanna choose 36 as your band size.

Remember that when going up a band size so will your cup volume.

Bras 34A and 36A do not have the same cup volume. So if you want a larger band and keep the same cup volume?

In this example, you go from 34A to 36AA.

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Bras and Size charts
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