woman is measuring her bra size at home

How to measure your bra size at home & why be precise?

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Believe me. Measuring your own bra size gives you more control when shopping for a bra. See all tips

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Why should I know my own sizes?

woman looking down starting to measure bra size from home

Maybe you’re buying a bra for the first time. Or you’ve been wearing the same size for a long time.

Researches tell us that many women wear the wrong-sized bra. It’s obviously no luxury to get into the matter of bra sizing a bit yourself.

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Remember that sizes can be very close.

A slight change in your measurement could mean a whole new bra size.

Exactly how to measure yourself?

Ask someone to give you a hand if you like.

woman measuring her under bust in her own home
measure your underbust
woman measuring her bust size at here own home
measure your bust
  • stand for a mirror
  • measure on bare skin or wear a bra without padding
  • ask someone to help if you like it
  • write down the measurements

Your underbust and bust size measurements determine your bra size.

That’s all you need.

Well, there is of course a calculator or bra size chart you’ll need to find out your best bra size.

Will my bra size change over time?

woman holding measure tape needed to take measurements at home

Some of us might wear the same bra size as we did 20 years ago. Others might need many different sizes in their lives.

There are different causes that may change our bra size during life.

Are you in between two possible bra sizes? If this is the case, it might be difficult to choose your best bra size.

I do advise trying also your possible sister size. Remember that different brands may have a different fit also.

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See my bra calculator or visit

Bras and Size charts
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