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Reasons why your bra is hurting & 3 Tips to get the right one!

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We all know the feeling of great relief when taking off a bad-fitted bra. A bra can really hurt! Here are my 3 tips to help you find your best bra.

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3 Reasons why your bra is hurting

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There can be different reasons why your bra is not comfortable (anymore).

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The wrong-sized bra can cause irritation on the skin.

A bra in the wrong size can even cause light, medium, or more heavy pains to your underbust, neck, and shoulders.

1. You need another bra because your sizes have changed

bra band is riding up and uncomfortable

Maybe you’ve gained weight, or maybe you’ve lost weight. Lots of things can happen to your body and breasts.

When it comes to bra sizing, it’s important to realize that only a small change in measurements can change everything.

Meaning you would need a different bra size than you are used to wearing.

2. Your bra is worn-out

illustration a worn out bra

I find it hard to say goodbye to my favorite bras. I tend to hang on to them for too long.

But now and again we just have to replace our worn-out bras.

  • the elasticity in your bra will gradually disappear
  • wearing and washing will make the fabric less strong

Did you know that regular washing of your bra will help to enjoy the quality much longer? So get those fibers clean regularly to restore the elasticity.

3. Your bra size has never been your right size

This happened to me. I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for years.

It’s very human to go on with something that isn’t right for you anymore, like a bad-fitted bra.

Why do we stick to the wrong bra?

  • well, I’m used to this size
  • someone once advised me this bra size
  • my current size is probably the best size for me
  • I just don’t like wearing bras that much
  • I do not have the energy to learn about my best bra sizes

3 Tips for finding your best bra size

Tip 1. Always check your bra size

pink bra soft measuring tape

I can’t mention it often enough. Getting to know your best bra size (or sizes) is key.

Tip 2. Clear your lingerie drawer

Now you know your best bra size it’s time to be critical. What should stay in your lingerie drawer and what not?

  • worn-out bras are not supporting you anymore (throw them away)
  • are there sizes you do not fit anymore because of weight fluctuations?
  • is the size alright, but it’s just not your style?

Tip 3. Choose the style or styles that work for you

woman wearing soft touch triump bra

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Every bra, in the right size, should be comfortable for every woman.

In reality, personal favors count.

One woman loves wired bras and wears nothing else, while others don’t wear this style at all. Or may never even have worn them.

Go for what you like, that’s obvious. Ever tried a comfortable top with a built-in bra?

Being home all day, maybe working from home. Doing sports. This requires a different bra for different occasions.

Make your choice based on:

  • level of comfort
  • level of support
  • padded or non-padded

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Bras and Size charts
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