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You could go to a shop and try bras in different sizes. But how to get the right bra without knowing your exact sizes if you shop online? Here are my tips for buying

woman wearing black lace bralette bra

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First, decide on your band size

woman determining her bra band size without tape
Always start with finding your best band size.

If you don’t know the measurements of your underbust here’s to pay attention to when you choose the band.

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Bras and Size charts
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  • the band should feel a bit firm
  • but surely not too tight

Remember, the most support of a bra comes from its band.

soft retractable measure tape for bra sizing

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If you have no soft measuring tape at home you can even print one from the internet. Also, you could use some soft rope and use a ruler to measure the length.

Secondly, decide on your cup size

woman in black fastening front close bra
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Ever heard of the fruit method to find your cup size?

Well, it is a funny and simple guideline to get things started.

showing table finding cup size comparing it with fruits

If your breasts are small you might start off by trying an A cup. But it could as well be you need AAA or AA. Remember that sizes can be very close!

Remember that going up or down a band size will automatically change the cup volume!

For example. You try the bra 34A and feel the band is a bit too tight. The cup size is fine. You should try 36AA in order to have a wider band and to keep the same cup volume. What is my bra sister size?

Can I buy a bra without measuring myself?

woman in dobreva bra lace plunge

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Well, you can if you try enough different bra sizes. Or you can take a calculated guess.

Better to get to know your sizes I think. You might surprise yourself by finding out your best bra size isn’t the one you always thought it was.

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See my bra calculator or visit

Bras and Size charts
M&S UK | M&S IR | M&S US | First Bras