woman wearing nipless covers

How to use nipple covers

Nipple covers are not just for the celebrity women in a low cut dress (besides the nipple covers a little bra tape usually will do the job here).

  • When to wear nipple covers?
  • How to use nipple covers?

When to wear nipple covers?

Nipple covers, also named breast patels, can be worn whenever you like.

  • when you want no poke-through from your nipples wearing certain clothing, like a bikini or dress
  • when you do sports and need to prevent your nipples from the friction with the fabric of your bra and sportswear
  • maybe your nipples have hardened after childbirth and it feels more comfortable wearing nipple covers with or without your bra
  • feeling sexy? Heartshaped designs are just one of your options here.

Breast petals are made for all women, sized small, medium, or large.

Nipples covers designed for different sizes and skin tones

You will see nipple covers come in different sizes, different materials, and colors. Because no woman is the same, so are her nipples.

Just have a look at the Amazon collection breast patels »

A shade for every skin tone

Nippies Skin ORIGINAL Hypoallergenic Nipple Covers A – C cups

Available in 3 semi-transparent skin tones (light, medium and dark) that blend into multiple skin tones.

They come in 2 sizes: A – D cup & DD+ cup

How to use nipple covers?

During one summer I tried some breast patels when wearing a summer dress. In the summer I wear a lot of non-padded bras with delicate fabrics, like lace. I don’t like it (always) when my nipples peek through my clothes.

The silicon pasties are easy to use. They are waterproof and washable. I also like disposable pasties for like sports and the more sexy moments…

Now let’s get over the more adventures designs!

Nipple covers can look pretty sexy if you go for a design that really stands out. Want to see more sexy bra styles? See all »

Pastease® Women’s Yellow and Black Wildflower Nipple Pasties

Conceal or Reveal with Pastease wildflower nipple pasties when worn with a sexy outfit, daring bikini, sheer top, revealing dress.

The Wildflower Nipple Pasties come in many more colors

Sexy Nurse Cross Adhesive Nipple Cover Pasties

If you want to combine something practical together with something sexy? Or maybe just sexy. You’ll find a great collection of disposable nipple covers on Amazon. You can choose maybe the nursing theme, or go for stars in all kind of colors. Great idea for wearing club dress and strapless tops.

See Amazon collection breast patels »

Show me collection of disposable nipple covers »

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